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Shanghai Zhenru Sub-CBD, Shanghai, China  
点此下载该项目报告 07.2022 Shanghai Zhenru Sub-CBD, Shanghai, China In the Upper West Shanghai, a new sub-center is arising. The sub-center will be a mix of retail, office, entertainment, apartments, and…  
New sub-center development in Upper West Shanghai  
The super high-rise corner stone includes FlowCon PICVs, DPCVs and ABVs  
FlowCon FN 系列执行器  
FlowCon FN.6.2 使用说明 (UniQ®) FlowCon FN.5.4 使用说明 (UniQ®) FlowCon FN.0.3 使用说明 (Green) FlowCon FN 使用说明 (Green) FlowCon FN ​技术资料 FlowCon FN 系列执行器 相关产品 FlowCon FN 适用于 FlowCon…  
New Modbus and BACnet actuator for small PICVs  
Expansion to the FN-actuator range includes bus communication making interaction through BMS easy  
FlowCon FN.0.2-BUS  
通讯 前往 FlowCon FN 06.2022 新款 Modbus 和 BACnet 动态平衡电动调节阀执行器  
动态平衡电动调节阀 FlowCon 动态平衡电动调节阀产品包括: FlowCon Green FlowCon GreEQ FlowCon SM FlowCon UniQ® FlowCon 动态平衡电动调节阀项目案例 什么是动态平衡电动调节阀? 压力无关控制阀—通常也被称之为动态平衡电动调节阀—由于其在任何负荷的情况下都能精确控制流量而被广泛应用于 2…  
让 FlowCon 给你指导-告诉我们您所从事的行业 工程顾问公司 安装公司 (机械) 安装公司 (电气) 安装公司 (调试) 项目业主 服务团队 应届生 FlowCon 新闻 每个人都有义务致力于可持续发展 在 FlowCon,我们希望展示并解释我们对可持续发展和可持续暖通空调解决方案的承诺,我们将联合国的 17…  
Large-scale College of Science at Kuwait University  
High level education and high level of temperature control united with FlowCon PICVs – running optimal year in and year out  
Kuwait University, College of Science, Shadadiyah, Kuwait  
04.2022 Kuwait University - College of Science, Shadadiyah, Kuwait Kuwait University is one of the largest educational campuses in the world and the College of Science is the largest of the new…  
Al-Masa Towers, New Alamein City, Egypt  
点此下载该项目报告 03.2022 Al-Masa Towers, New Alamein City - Egypt Egypt’s largest hospitality hotel plays a central part of the new coastal paradise. New Alamein City is one of several new cities the…  
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