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UNICA Smart Chooses Smart Solution

UNICA Smart was at first instance focusing highly on dimenstions as the space available to fit the valves was very limited. With the FlowCon A-body they got the shortest possible solution.

Secondly, they requested a click-on possibility for the actuator needed to control the ON/OFF function of the valve. This solution could also be offered with the chosen FlowCon EVS. This meant that the actautor could easily be fitted after all pipework and valve installation were done.

After the physical test of size and ease of installation implemented, next task for UNICA Smart was flow performance. Also here FlowCon passed with flying colors and tests proved this solution to be the more accurate of 5 different brands. The acual test-results showed -1%/+2% compared with the requested nomial flow.

All together UNICA Smart chose the smarter solution...

Project Configurations

Consultant: UNICA Smart
Customer Technical Support: MRC Transmark - Ubel & Ventil
FlowCon Distributor, the Netherlands: MRC Transmark - Ubel & Ventil

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