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Sochi International Airport, Russia

A seven-year revitalization program completed as part of a passenger flow optimization to handle all athletes, officials, and spectators during Winter Olympics 2014 and the future.

Sochi International Airport is today one of the ten leading airports in Russia for passenger traffic on domestic routes. In 2007, when Russia won a bid to host the 2014 Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, a tremendous upgrading was initiated to make the Sochi International Airport a one-of-a-kind modern facility. From 2007-2013 more than $410 mill was spent on the airport refurbishment. 

In 2010, a new air terminal complex of the airport with an area of 65.000 m2 was opened and since its official opening passenger traffic has grown with +10% every year peaking in 2014 as the main air gateway to the 22nd Winter Olympics. The opening of the additional terminal was a next stage in the development of the Sochi Airport and its traffic capacity, which was one of the International Olympic Committee’s requirements. During the 4-weeks game period in February 2014, it served over 350.000 pas-sengers and handled over 2.800 tons of luggage and all 46 passport control booths were in operation. Now, its annual passenger turnover is 5.2 mill as it functions as the major hub for the Black Sea resorts in the greater Sochi area.

Even after the Winter Olympics, Sochi International airport will remain a significant spot on the world map. In June 2014, Sochi will host the 40th Annual G8 Summit, which will be followed by the annual International Investment Forum in September and the Formula-1 Grand Prix race in October. And when 2018 FIFA World Cup is coming to Russia, one of the stadiums in the Olympic Park will be converted to a football arena.



FlowCon supplied dynamic balancing valves in two stages. First stage involved air condition in the air-port’s emergency/rescue station and 2nd stage was for the air condition in the airport’s busy control center. Both projects were delivered in due time and benefitted from the flexible features of FlowCon E-JUST and FlowCon SH. To mention one, these automatic balancing valves are externally adjustable and together they cover sizes from DN15-250.

Project Configurations

Project name: Sochi International Airport
Owner: Aerodoromes, Federal State Unitary Enterprise
Valve models and quantity: FlowCon E-JUST and FlowCon SH on FCUs and AHUs
Application: New building
Date of inauguration: 2010

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