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Kashirskaya Plaza, Multi-Functional Shopping Center - Moscow, Russia

This year’s largest shopping center project, Kashirskaya Plaza, in Moscow was opened in Q2. FlowCon was chosen to support dynamic balancing for optimal indoor comfort for all users.

Kashirskaya Plaza is a modern shopping center with a net leasable area of 72,000 m² and a multi-story underground car park with a capacity of 1,400 cars. ENKA completed the construction works of this new multi-functional trade center in May 2018 providing the city of Moscow with a modern community hub.

The project comprises a complex that conveniently accommodates public retail, fitness, entertainment and catering amenities, including a hypermarket and a cinema. Visitors to the mall encounter architecture featuring clustered masses and extruded facades that invite exploration. Combining warm stone with glass reveals at street level, as well as an atrium and upper levels, the building envelope creates a solid experience, offering fleeting glimpses into its interior. Inside, the layers of public space encapsulate a blend of organic inspirations. Defining each major internal hub, the elements of water, air, fire, and earth are colorfully highlighted in four experiential atrium plaza districts.

Project Configurations

Developer: ENKA TC
Owner: ENKA TC
Architect: Jerde Partnership and ENKA TC
Consultant: Dimanik Proje
Contractor: ENKA Constuction
Project Name: Kashirskaya Plaza, Moscow
Configuration of Building: Multi-functional shopping center with retail, fitness, entertainment and catering
Number of Valves: +500 valves
Valve Model: FlowCon SDP, FlowCon DPCV, FlowCon E-JUST, FlowCon Wafer and AHU Wafer
Types of Application: New building
Date of Installation: Late 2017
Date of Inauguration: 24th May 2018

Building Description

Set amidst Moscow’s exacting urban geometry, the Kashirskaya Plaza’s landscape breaks away from the city grid to deliver an organic terrain that naturally draws energy from the surrounding communities and luxuriant nature. The nearby river serves as inspiration for the fluid motion juxtaposed against the adjoining, rigid Apple Park grid, and sets the tone of the overall landscape design. The park’s green sprawl extends further into the multi-level outdoor social and dining spaces with views across the landscaped areas to the river and beyond.

Kashirskaya Plaza extends the urban vivacity of Moscow as a public destination in a way that boosts future development in the city. This modern community hub is not only an important local amenity for entertainment and commercial attractions, but an economically viable and socially dynamic city space that energizes the evolution of the Moscow region. FlowCon was the ideal partner to secure optimal user comfort.


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