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Hospital Real San José - Zapopan, Jalisco, México

With the hospital’s motto ‘Your Health is Our Main Concern - You are in the Best of Hands’ in mind, FlowCon is proud to contribute…

The Hospital Real San José ‘Valle Real’ is an institution that offers an innovative concept of hospital services combined with relatives’ hotel. Given its structure and design, it is conceived as an intelligent hospital that offers patients, doctors and other hospital staff cutting-edge science and technology, high quality services, modern facilities and optimal indoor climate. Thanks to this and specialized modern medicine, it is possible to offer more and more timely diagnosis, less invasive surgery and a shorter recovery time.


Decision Parameters

Reliability: The hospital is split over two locations with a 10-year old facility in the metropolitan area and this new facility being built in the 
Zapopan area. With more than 10 years of trouble-free operation with FlowCon EVS in the old facility, it was an easy decision to maintain with the brand and FlowCon is again the sole provider of PICV valves to this new project.

Energy Efficiency: The new project has high demands to energy efficiency and modern solutions. It is equipped with variable speed pumps along with modulating pressure independent control valves (PICVs) and simple pressure independent temperature control valves, which are ideal for this type of project. 

Performance: The FlowCon EVS valves installed and still running in the old hospital have more than 10 years of work behind them. With the
pre-set solution, robust design and an accuracy of ±5% the FlowCon valves have been a success with a proven long life. In addition to FlowCon EVS, the new facility will also include true PICVs in form of FlowCon Green and FlowCon SM.

Above three decision parameters - as well as several other successful local FlowCon projects - is why FlowCon was chosen for this project.

Project Configurations

Project Name: Hospital Real San José Valle Real
Owner: San José Group
Architect: Burboa Group
Consultant: Grupar Burboa
Contractor: Element Vento S.A. de C.V.
Building Configuration: 232 hospital rooms + operating rooms, intermediate therapy, neonatal therapy and reception offices
Valve Model and Quantity: 517 valve split over FlowCon EVS and FlowCon Green.2 (FCUs) + FlowCon Green.3 and FlowCon SM (AHUs)
Application: New building
FlowCon Distributor: Sistemas Hidronicos del Norte
Date of Inauguration: December 16th, 2019

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