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AIIMS Hospital - Mother and Child Center, New Delhi, India

At the All India Institute of Medical Science New Delhi (AIIMS D), a new hospital block has opened, with solely mother and childcare facilities including an OPD (Out Patient Department). The OPD will function as first point of contact between families and hospital staff to service patients faster and better.

AIIMS D is one of the most reputed medical colleges and hospitals in India and services over 3 million patients a year with a constant rise every year. The new block will add to the hospital infrastructure and include 400 new beds for mother and childcare and have additional 200 beds for medical and surgical requirement of Gynecology and Pediatrics to meet increasing needs.

For this project, AIIMS was looking for the most reliable and easy to service valves for the critical areas, where shut down time for any sort of maintenance is the least possible. Hence, FlowCon’s PICV solutions were the most suitable valves for the application. The selected PICVs all provide 100% authority, high accuracy, optional linear or equal percentage control mode, easy setting and servicing as well as wide setting-range.

Project Configurations

Project name: Mother and Child Center, AIIMS D
Client: Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India
Consultant: HSCC (India) Ltd
Contractor: Voltas Ltd
Valve model and quantity: 170 PICVs on AHUs, FlowCon Green.2, FlowCon Green.3 and FlowCon SM.3-5
Application: New building
FlowCon distributor: Ensavior
Date of inauguration: 06.2018

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