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FlowCon EDP

DN15-50 (1/2"-2")

  • 压差可调式动态压差平衡阀
  • 更紧凑更耐用
  • 41 种不同的压差可选择设定
  • DN15/20/25 (1/2"-1") 阀体为锻造黄铜或抗脱锌铜材质,DN25-50 (1"-2") 阀体为锻造黄铜材质或 DN40/50 (1 1/2"-2") 阀体为球墨铸铁材质
  • 可选配压力/温度测量接头
  • 内螺纹连接
  • 最大工作压差:500 千帕 (72 psid)

DN15-50 (1/2"-2")

EDP.1: 5-50 千帕 (0.7-7.3 psid)
EDP.2: 10-60 千帕(1.5-8.7 psid)
EDP.3: 15-100 千帕 (2.2-14.5 psid)

15-15000 升/小时 (0.066-66.0 GPM)

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Thobias Schlatter, Taconova Teamleader Systems states:

Both the DPCV-valve FlowCon EDP and the PICV-valve FlowCon Green come with several benefits and are the ideal integrators in our solutions. The FlowCon valves simply offer everything that dynamic balancing requires in a simple, convenient and efficient way. They are compact, flexible and easy to use. This ideally complements our system concept of intuitive technology - it couldn't be better”.


Taconova and FlowCon have worked together for years and Taconova is FlowCon’s exclusive distributor in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Luxembourg and Lichtenstein.



FlowCon EDP 项目案例



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