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FlowCon International introduces
the BIM Models for MagiCAD and Revit Software

FlowCon International is striving to make the calculation and selection process as simple as the actual product usage and are therefore glad to launch our new BIM drawing portal. BIM stands for Building Information Modelling aimed to ease selection, calculation and 3D modelling of HVAC systems.

FlowCon International has opted to introduce the BIM models for MagiCAD and Revit software, allowing multiple benefits in the pre-construction phases, such as:

  • Calculation functions for sizing, balancing, cooling and heating requirements, sound calculations and energy consumption with FlowCon valves installed
  • Flow velocity calculations with FlowCon valves installed
  • Detection of incorrect selections (collision control) meaning selections that are outside valve specifications in terms of; pressure, size and flow
  • 3D modulation of system to protect against piping layout conflicts
  • Product selection
  • Direct print of FlowCon International product specifications
  • Direct print of Bill of Quantity.

FlowCon drawings are already included in the MagiCAD program, whereas the valves will need to be downloaded into Revit using below procedure:

  • Go to
  • Press: Browse BIM Objects
  • Search or Select FlowCon
  • Select the product needed
  • Download the Revit file.

If you do not have a MagiCloud account already - you have to create a free account for downloading.
Besides the BIM drawings available on MagiCloud, various 2D, 3D and BIM drawings are available from FlowCon upon request.


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