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Improved FlowCon SM Valves (PICVs)

The FlowCon SM valves was originally introduced in the early 1990’s and have been the benchmark of PICV valves ever since given the continues development of the product to cater to the development in the HVAC construction sector requirements.

The latest version of the flanged versions - DN50 to DN150 - has been upgraded on the following points:

  • Minimum operational differential pressure has been reduced to minimize energy consumption (applicable for FlowCon SH also).
  • Maximum operational differential pressure has been increased to 600 kPaD for the full range, expanding the valve usage close to the plant room in larger systems  (applicable for FlowCon SH also).
  • Burst pressure has been increased to 16 bars to ensure that the valves are not damaged regardless of system performance.
  • Leakage rates have been improved to match the IEC 60534-4, class IV.

Beside the upgrade point, the SM valve still contain benchmark features such as;

  • PN40 rating standard.
  • IP54 actuator suitable for 360° installation.
  • 2160° rotating actuator (6 full turns) providing excellent accuracy in response to control signal.
  • Variety of feedback options, including error codes for maintenance purpose.
  • ±5% accuracy.
  • Multi flange connection.

All FlowCon SM valves ordered after December 1st 2015 will be subject to above listed improvements.
Please see revised tech note for further information.

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