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FlowCon Pure

FlowCon now also includes the custom FlowCon Pure ideal for pharmaceutical industry and other sensitive business requiring an easy-to-clean automatic balancing valve.

FlowCon Pure is a pre-set built-in stainless steel flow limiter.
The unit is made of AISI316 (spring), AISI316L (housing, cup, orifice and shims) and AISI318LN (lock ring).
End connections are clamp Ferrules suitable for Tri-Clover connection.

Pure 1: 1 1/2"
Pure 2: 2"

ΔP range:
90-880 kPaD (13-128 psid)

Flow rate:
0.069-2.78 l/sec (1.10-44.0 GPM)

Please contact FlowCon for more information on this custom product.

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