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More FlowCon FN Actuators - Expanding the range

FlowCon is proud to introduce the next versions in the FN actuator range. FlowCon FN actuators are electrical actuators suitable for all FlowCon Green inserts, i.e. Green.0, Green.1 (both 20mm PICV inserts) and Green.2 (40mm PICV insert). The green release button on this range indicates the match to the FlowCon Green inserts.

  • FlowCon FN.0.2 - 24V 0(2)-10V modulating actuator (equivalent to the current FN.0.2 actuator already released, which is equipped with a red release button. This "red" version will be phased out).
  • FlowCon FN.1.2 - 24V 0(2)-10V modulating actuator incl. failsafe.
  • FlowCon FN.0.4 - 24V 3-point-floating actuator.

The green FN actuator series have a high force of 220N ideal for the FlowCon Green inserts. They all hold features such as:

  • Selection of rotation direction
  • Position indicator
  • Manual override
  • Click on/click off function.

In addition the modulating versions include:

  • Automatic calibration
  • Feedback signal
  • Choice of control- and feedback signal 0(2)-10V
  • Choice of AutoStroke function
  • Selection of failsafe direction (on FN.1.2).

Along with this range FlowCon also introduces a limited range of 110N actuators with red release button for low force solution. They will be available as replacement actuators for FlowCon FB and FM types.

  • FlowCon FN.5.2- 24V 0(2)-10V modulating actuator (110N).
  • FlowCon FN.6.2 - 24V 0(2)-10V modulating act. incl. failsafe (110N).
  • FlowCon FN.5.4 - 24V 3-point-floating actuator (110N).


Please contact FlowCon for availability and replacements.

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