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New Easy Fit and re-Fit of Cartridge in FlowCon EVS-insert

FlowCon introduces the Next-Generation-Version of the FlowCon EVS-Insert, item no. EVS.0.0.0.

Naturally, the new FlowCon EVS-insert will fit in the same valve bodies as the previous one, i.e. A15/20/25, AB15/20/25 and ABV1 (DN15/20/25) and apply with the same range of actuators (EV.0.2-EV.0.5).

The new EVS-insert is launched to make fitting and particularly re-fitting of a new stainless steel cartridge easy.

When applying the stainless steel cartridge in the new FlowCon EVS-insert, please make sure that the cartridge o-ring is placed on the inside groove at the top of the EVS-insert before inserting the cartridge (photo 1 and 2). Hereafter the cartridge is easily inserted with a hard push (photo 3). Screw on the lock ring (photo 4 and 5) and the cartridge is correctly fitted. Then insert the EVS-insert into the valve body.

For exchange of the stainless steel cartridge, the procedure is simply reversed. Unscrew the lock ring and pull out the cartridge. The cartridge o-ring will also come out. Insert the new o-ring and afterwards insert the new stainless steel cartridge as described above.

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