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COVID-19 update - back to normal

On March 11th the Danish Government imposed a variety of harsh measures to combat the rapidly spreading COVID-19 virus, including suspension of all non-critical public institutions. The imposed measures have resulted in Denmark currently being one of the least affected countries in Europe.

The low infection rates seen in the Danish society have prompted the Danish Government to re-open most parts of society, including normalizing the private sector, allowing 100% normal service.

As a result of the re-opening, FlowCon International has been back to regular operations since Easter while observing daily activities according to government regulations. Now, all staff is physically present in our premises and ready to service our customers as usual. Furthermore, we have sufficient components available to satisfy requirements in the normal rapid manor enabling on-time completion of our customers’ projects.

FlowCon is grateful and proud that our organization and supply chain have proven their agility and resilience allowing us to provide full customer service and a 99% on-time delivery during the close-down and soft opening. This emphasizes that FlowCon is at all times a trustworthy partner and we are serious when we say – Your environment, Our commitment.

Best regards,
FlowCon International ApS

Torben W. Ibsen

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