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FlowCon Product Selection Tool

The aim of FlowCon’s Product Selection Tool is to provide a FAST project overview incl. correct FlowCon valve selection and valve setting. Create your own templates and get ready for complete selection based on project data incl. flow, pipe size and ΔP range within seconds.

So if you are a FlowCon Distributor or a FlowCon Supporter due to your work as a consultant engineer, main contractor or subcontractor or carry out commissioning or service and you want to validate your FlowCon selection, then the FlowCon Product Selection Tool may be something for you...

  • Easy Guide to proper Selection

  • Your own Templates

  • Validation of Valve- and Setting Selection

  • Project List Saving and Printing

Create a user login to MyFlowCon and get access.


- 您的暖通空调阀门专家

我们专注于在供热和制冷系统中通过动态平衡来提高能源效率。我们的核心理念是—且几十年来一直是—一个耐用的阀芯的解决方案。我们阀芯范围包括九种不同的类型,且每一种都有不同数量的形式和尺寸。它为您提供了一个灵活的且经过充分验证的解决方案,而这是 FlowCon 独一无二的。




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FlowCon is ready...

With our HQ expansion in Slagelse we are now ready to move into the building add-on, increasing the location with 2300m2 floor space... meaning more robot technology, increased production capacity and extended warehouse capacity. FlowCon is ready to service you and your projects.

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