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Happy Holidays to All

During the upcoming Holidays FlowCon is closed from December 24th to January 3rd

(both days included)

Please note: Last shipping day is Friday December 18th.

FlowCon Energy FIT System - Full Range DN15-250

The FlowCon Energy FIT System is complete with the introduction of the FIT-G - take advantage of the full range covering DN15-250 (1/2”-10”) and max. flow from 0.0103-76.8 l/sec (0.163-1220 GPM). The FlowCon Energy FIT Systems are the world’s first pressure independent temperature valve with built-in BTU meter.

The FlowCon FIT range is split into two PICV solutions, one being based on FlowCon Green (FIT-G) and the other being based on FlowCon SM (FIT). Like other FlowCon inserts, the FIT-G covers several valve housing sizes with multiple actuator options, which gives You the flexibility to choose size matching the pipework independent of required flow rate. FIT includes same BACnet actuator for all sizes including state-of-the-art display actuator which is either directly programmable on actuator arrow keys or remote via BACnet.

With any FlowCon FIT solution You will get a fully pressure independent and easy-to-use adjustable control with 100% authority appropriate for any heating or cooling application where flow and BTU monitoring and accurate ΔT control are musts.

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- 您的暖通空调阀门专家

我们专注于在供热和制冷系统中通过动态平衡来提高能源效率。我们的核心理念是—且几十年来一直是—一个耐用的阀芯的解决方案。我们阀芯范围包括九种不同的类型,且每一种都有不同数量的形式和尺寸。它为您提供了一个灵活的且经过充分验证的解决方案,而这是 FlowCon 独一无二的。




FlowCon is ready...

With our HQ expansion in Slagelse we are now ready to move into the building add-on, increasing the location with 2300m2 floor space... meaning more robot technology, increased production capacity and extended warehouse capacity. FlowCon is ready to service you and your projects.

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