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FlowCon Green 高流量

- 动态平衡电动调节阀

FlowCon Green 是我们动态平衡电动调节阀系列产品中的一款。每款阀芯可以匹配不同尺寸的阀体,这使您能够灵活地选择与管径匹配的产品,而不需要考虑流量。

FlowCon Green.1HF 的流量是目前市场上 DN15 这个规格中最大的。其最大流量可达 0.736 升/秒 (11.7 GPM).

与其他的 FlowCon Green 产品一样,这款产品同样易于控制及具有 100% 的阀权度,并能适用于任何供热和制冷系统。

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Official notice regarding COVID-19
- Corona virus implications

On March 11, 2020 the Danish Government imposed a variety of harsh measure to combat the rapidly spreading COVID-19 virus, including suspension of all non-critical public institutions. In connection to the measures, all private entities were requested to participate in the efforts. A request which FlowCon International obviously takes seriously and complies to as a responsible business, while trying to serve our customers in the best possible manner.

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- 您的暖通空调阀门专家

我们专注于在供热和制冷系统中通过动态平衡来提高能源效率。我们的核心理念是—且几十年来一直是—一个耐用的阀芯的解决方案。我们阀芯范围包括九种不同的类型,且每一种都有不同数量的形式和尺寸。它为您提供了一个灵活的且经过充分验证的解决方案,而这是 FlowCon 独一无二的。



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Growth requires expansion at FlowCon International, Denmark

With a doubling of capacity at the Danish headquarters in Slagelse, FlowCon International is ready to continued global growth.

"We are lacking space, and we now get twice as many square meters, which we need for different logistic activities," says Bjarne Wittendorff Ibsen, chairman and founder of FlowCon.

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